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tv   White House Decision on DREA Mers Expected Tuesday  CSPAN  September 1, 2017 3:26pm-3:54pm EDT

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secretary sanders: good afternoon. i apologize for the delay. i had to make sure the governor of texas was able to complete his briefing we came out and you guys were able to pay attention to that. i will keep the click up her at the top so we can get your questions. the president, his homeland security team, and his entire administration continue to focus on the lives and safety of those affected by hurricane harvey in texas and louisiana. yesterday at the direction of the vice president, the labor secretary, transportation secretary, energy secretary perry, v.a. secretary shall can, and acting homeland security secretary traveled to the area to assess damage. the president declared a proclamation declaring the sunday a national day of prayer
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for those affected by the hurricane, and just this afternoon, the president heard from the heads of the salvation army and the southern baptist association on disaster relief. as gail mcgovern, the president american red cross said, the american people are determined to bounce back and this organization along with so many others that have been on the ground since the beginning, are helping the people of texas and louisiana to do just that. the president will be back in texas tomorrow to visit with survivors and tell them personally the federal government is here to help in any way we can. finalizing at is help first responders at the state and local level. today, the president spoke with the president of south korea, posix nine, and colombia.
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kazakhstan, and colombia. israel's will be available later today. finally, i would like to theerate the message that present's homeland security adviser gave yesterday and case there is anyone watching today who is in need of assistance -- once you are at a function computer, go to www.f with that, i will take your questions. >> image mentioned the supplemental. does the president still it will be helpful to tie the supplemental to raising the debt ceiling? [indiscernible] nowetary sanders: right
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details are being finalized. we will have more information shortly, most likely by the end of today. >> what about the issue of timing relative to the debt ceiling? secretary sanders: those details are being finalized as we speak and we should have something for you by the end of today. >> so what the president said as in the next couple of days. can you talk about the factors driving that decision? what is he weighing right now? is designed program right now, does he think it is illegal? spokeary sanders: i just with the president and we are in the process of finalizing that decision. there will be an announcement tuesday of next week and the present's priorities on immigration are to create a system that encourages legal immigration that benefit our economy and american workers.
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the president has been very clear. he loves people and was to make sure that this decision is done correctly and that is what he is doing, finalizing that part. >> does the president feel that young people who came to this country illegally who came of here, wentave jobs to school here, are they a americans or are they foreign nationals? secretary sanders: i am not going to get into the back and forth while we are in the process of finalizing the details of this. we will be working throughout the weekend and make that announcement on tuesday. john? >> how incumbent does this white house believe it is on congress to come up with a solution for the dreamers? secretary sanders: again, we are in the process of finalizing the decision on this front and once we make that -- we will announce the next ups of any action needed at that time.
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becauseed that question senator tom tillis of narco and it is introducing a conservative dream act. senator jeff flake says it is important for congress to do that. paul ryan, while he said he does not agree that the president as we know it, he believes there should be a legislative solution. will say itnders: i for a third of fourth time and i'm sure all get another five or six questions and i will have to say at five or six more times. we are in the process of finalizing that decision and those details and we will announce that on tuesday. in april the president said the dreamers should rest easy. you know the president. is it conceivable he could and the program after saying something like that? secretary sanders: i will i would get another chance to say that. we are finalizing these details and this decision.
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we are finalizing this decision and that would certainly be part of the details of the announcement on tuesday. said if we have to close down our government, we are building that wall. is he backing down from that threat now? secretary sanders: no, he is very much committed to building the wall. >> [indiscernible] secretary sanders: you know how i feel about using other outlets as your source. >> is it wrong then? secretary sanders: the president has been pretty clear about his position. i would take that over a report on what he does. >> [indiscernible] the south koreans are saying the president of the united states promised more missile capability. can you confirm that? secretary sanders: again, we will have a readout shortly and i will certainly make sure all of you guys receive that. >> on daca as well, the talk
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president isis the feeling pretty clear, but he has thought about terminating the deal -- secretary sanders: the negotiations are ongoing. no decision has been made at this time. >> [indiscernible] is that coming from his own money or his foundation? secretary sanders: he has not penalized where all of that will go. i was actually going to use that as a perfect segue to remind everybody if you have suggestions, he is very open to hearing those. we have gotten a couple. please send out more if you've got it. just but is it his own money? secretary sanders: i have not had a chance to do that, but i will. john? the sheriff from milwaukee, wisconsin announced his resignation effective immediately.
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this started a rush of speculation he would be appointed to a position at the department of homeland security, possibly even the secretary position, which is vacant now. said he's nots coming here. -- marksure of clarke sheriff clarke under consideration? secretary sanders: i'm not aware of any jobs he is being considered for, but as always, if we have a personnel announcement, we will a you know. >> polling on fox news wednesday said that 56% of americans believe that he is leaving the astray. he is a approval ratings are in the 30's. how does this affect how he governs? secretary sanders: i think a lot
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of these polls are the ones that said he would never be president. i do not have faith in a lot of these holes. when you look at what he's been doing this month, beautifying the nation, hurting, talking about tax reform, an issue that got very wide, bipartisan support, the numbers that this administration cares about our 94% of americans who get assistance to father taxes, that the majority of americans think thetax code is unfair and number that we are focused on has to do with actual problems americans are facing. the numbers we are focused on are the ones that actually for allay-to-day life americans. that is what we are focused on, certainly not silly polls that frank we were not much use to us in the election, and certainly, i do not think are now. with tax reform, we learned wouldthat the president
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be traveling to north dakota. this wiki is in missouri. the democratic senators from -- the democratic senators from those states are ones that the targeting. is joe donnelly and joe manchin r judah of other democratic senators the white house is looking to pick up. where are the other 4 democratic votes that the white house and the president think they could get for tax reform? secretary sanders: i would love to see all of them come aboard. i can imagine why anyone would not what americans to keep more of their hard-earned money. we want to encourage job creation, job growth, provide relief for middle-class america, encourage companies to bring back their money to the united states and invest it. hopefully they will all come on board. >> [indiscernible]
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four other name specifically? secretary sanders: none specifically. i'm hoping senators from all 50 states get on board to help americans and do what americans are demanding. i think you will be hide rest to find someone who does -- hard-pressed to find someone who does not support tax reform in this country. tax reform is at the top of their list of things the american people are asking for. >> [indiscernible] robert mueller has obtained a copy of the letter -- [indiscernible] around the time of the dismissal of fbi director james comey enumerating the rationale of having them removed, focusing principally on the russian investigation. a couple of quick questions. can you confirm the existence of that letter? can that letter be made public? it was considered
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inappropriate. can you discuss -- [indiscernible] secretary sanders: i am not going to get into any of that. i think we covered a lot of those things extensively earlier today, to the extent that the special prosecutor is interested in these matters, we will cooperate with his investigation and i do have anything to add beyond that. >> can we get a copy of the letter? secretary sanders: we will work with the special prosecutor. hey, guys. one at a time. >> this week, the president tweeted that talking is not the answer with regard to south korea. agreed tosident moon reaffirm that north korea could be brought back for dialogue. secretary sanders: i think that i was clear on this yesterday.
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the president is looking for an integrated process and we are continuing to move forward on that. we take north korea extremely seriously and all options are on the table. that has not changed. >> mexico has threatened to end negotiations on nafta. with the president view that as a positive outcome? concern that the escalation of rhetoric will hurt the white house role ability to craft a better deal? secretary sanders: no, we are continuing to move forward in these negotiations and does the president says, we will see what happens. ofon daca, on the issue daca, the vice president said the president would use "a big heart" in making these decisions. [indiscernible] secretary sanders: again, i'm
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not going to get into the back and forth on this until there's a finalized decision on this, which we are in the process of reviewing. >> one more. jobs -- what is this white house saying about jobs particularly as the unemployment rate went up to 4.4% -- [indiscernible] 5.2% -- o rate a few weeks ago stephen miller was at this podium talking about the black unemployment rate -- is there going to be a target approach to show that there is a difference when it comes to minority american employment versus mainstream? secretary sanders: i think you make a great point for why we need tax reform. that's one of the primary reasons why that's a priority for this administration, to do a massive overhaul of the system so we have a better environment,
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we are creating more jobs, higher paying jobs. i think that's a perfect example. jobs were 150,000 new created during this time and since the president came into million new jobs. we are incredibly focused on this. this is not just the thing we have been talking about. this is something the president has been very active in since day one. focus onntinuing to that, primarily through tax reform and that is why it is such a big deal for us in the fall. dave? i will come back to you next. let me go to dave. president is meeting with congressional leaders on tuesday about tax reform. does that mean that the details are almost finished? he is meetingers: with congressional leaders and. i believe it is tuesday. >> it is almost finished?
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secretary sanders: that means we are pushing forward. we will push forward focusing on those four principles and the guide moving forward as it down with congress to make sure we get this deal done. >> two questions. the first one is on daca. makew you are not ready to an announcement yet, but these people, these dreamers came out from the shadows and provided their personal information to the government for work permits. if the president does end daca, will that information be used to round up and deport these people? secretary sanders: i will answer it the same way i have answered it 18 other times today. those decisions are being finalized, and once they are, we will announce them on tuesday. >> my second question is on infrastructure very clearly, the devastation in texas brings attention to problems with our infrastructure and there will be
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need for massive rebuilding. i know that tax reform is the focus right now, but will there be a push for an infrastructure bell either after that or around the same time? will that be coming from the white house? or will the administration be letting congress take the lead? secretary sanders: if the structure is certainly something that is very important to be president, a priority for the administration. the timing has not been set yet, but it is certainly we are -- something we are actively looking at am working on everyday. we like to say we can walk and chew gum at the same time. the president is going back tomorrow. i understand the schedule is not set, but can you give us an idea of what he's going to be doing and the medically he will be doing what this weekend he did not have a chance to? secretary sanders: sure, he will be able to go into houston which
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he was not able to do on tuesday. he will have a chance to meet extensively with quite a few storm survivors, as well as talk toh some of the volunteers administer support that these individuals have needed for the week. he will go to lake charles, louisiana, do a stop there as well, meeting with survivors. that's all on saturday. >> does he have weekend plans after that? secretary sanders: we will keep you posted on the guidance for the weekend. >> [indiscernible] -- you haveimes said 19 times that you will be finalizing the decision. what will change between now and tuesday? what is he going to do in the
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next three days he has not done before? ok, i thinknders: this is a pretty complicated process and we want to work through every bit of that and that is why he is doing, making sure he takes the diligent time and effort and attention that this very important issue deserves. a guy in texas right now, a paramedic, helping the community in around texas -- [indiscernible] the president the message would be? secretary sanders: i think it is the same message he has said many times before. this is a president who loves people. we are working on the best decision possible and we will announce it on tuesday. charlie? >> reports are detailing how the obama administration [indiscernible] activities -- [indiscernible]
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was his president or chief of staff aware of those investigations? secretary sanders: i'm not sure. i would have to ask and i have not had that conversation, charlie. is he tracking the rise of violence from this group? secretary sanders: i think we know,rtainly -- you constantly monitoring all violence across the country as best we can. the homeland security department, the administration takes this very seriously and is constantly to combatr ways violence and that would certainly qualify. >> i think i read there were 120,000 dreamers in the state of texas. is that in any way weighing on the present fell decision about daca and what the situation there is? secretary sanders: again, this is not a situation that the
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president takes lightly. he is taking time and diligent goest to make sure that he through and makes that ?nnouncement on tuesday i think the decision in itself .s weighing on him, certainly >> [indiscernible] there is also a lot of stuff on the agenda -- [indiscernible] just wondering if he has a message for them that you would like to share about anything you would like to affect in the next four days before he comes back? i also would like to ask you whether this is part of an investigation? secretary sanders: let me answer the first question so we do not get lost in that. 's messagee president
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for the members of congress would be, let's get to work. you have had a nice, long break. we've got lots to do. theave big commitments to american people we need to fulfill and need to do some really big and bold things throughout the fall and hopefully they will get on board and be part of that stuff. [indiscernible] president initially talked about hillary clinton. and i wonder -- [indiscernible] think [indiscernible] would you like to address this from the podium? secretary sanders: i'm not sure i am following fully or question. in reference to the letter and firing, we have discussed that extensively. i have done that many times from this podium. i will refer you back to statements i read out earlier. there is no more to add on that.
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>> as far as what is driving the final decision, is the president reviewing the merits of the policy? tocongress were to move protect the dreamers, would he be in support of that? again, i hateers: record, like a broken but i guess i have no choice to be. we are continuing to work through this decision process and i'm not going to go any further than that. the president has made a lot of statements on this. he is going through all of the details very thoroughly and wants a final decision is made, we will like you guys know on tuesday. just as we are wrapping up, a reminder. if you have suggestions for the president to contribute to, that would be great if you could get those to us by the end of the
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day and we encourage everyone to participate in the national day of prayer and have a good labor day weekend. thanks, all. >> during the briefing, we heard there will be an announcement made on daca tuesday, dealing with immigrants iving in the u.s. house speaker paul ryan has asked president trump to hold off on action to scrap the program causing congress is working on a legislative fix to preserve it. he will bring you more tuesday on c-span networks. and join c-span tonight for a look at the influence of technology on education in the u.s. we will be hearing from google's chief education a vandal is, the president of arizona state university and a former school everyntendent who gave school district in the united
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states and ipad. here's a preview. can see a day where google can read your bio rhythm and tell you what you need to learn. they have cameras and all of the classrooms and the kids design programs in some of these public schools. they are able to design programs from as early as six, seventh grade. if we help them find their passion in life, they will never work a day in her life. technology can help us do that. you have to train your teachers to use it. if not, it's just another tool that sits there and they are afraid of it. but we have students coming out of institutions like arizona state now where they are ready for this area but now we have school leadership on board.
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>> that was just some of tonight's program on digital learning. you can watch the entire program at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span. a when you think about one-day festival, the national book festival, and you have over 100 authors from children's authors, illustrators, graphic novelist, all of these different authors there all day, over and000 people come in celebrate books and reading. you can't have a better time, i think. i'm a little prejudiced because i'm a librarian, but i have to tell you, any reader who wants to get inspired, the book festival is the perfect ways. >> book tv's live all day coverage begins saturday at 10 a.m. with featured authors including david mccullough and , formerriedman secretary of state condoleezza ce


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